Various City Forms & Permits

Cresco Foods Complaint Form

Please use the attached on-line complaint form to report Cresco Food Technologies concerns.  All forms will be reviewed and forwarded to management at Cresco Foods.

Tree Request

Tree Request

Tree Request

If you are interested in a boulevard tree, please complete the form below and return to City Hall.

Tree planting typically happens in April-May each year.

Street Closing / Parade Permit

Signs & Awnings

Application for Boards\Commissions\Committees

Utility Billing Forms

Utility Bill by E-mail

Customers have the option of Going Green by having your water utility bill sent via e-mail.  If you would like to participate in this program, please fill out the lower portion of this letter and return it to the City Clerk by the 20th of the month to be included in the e-mail billing for the following month's billing.

If you have questions, please contact Niki, the Utility Billing Clerk, at 563-547-3101.  Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8 am-4:30 pm or e-mail:

You can expect an initial e-mail from us to verify your e-mail.  Please respond to it so we know that the e-mail is valid and you are able to receive e-mails from the City of Cresco.


Direct Debit Form


In an effort to reduce costs and time for the City, we are urging residents to sign up for Direct Debit to pay their water bills by ACH (Automated Clearing House). This saves the staff considerable time in processing payments. Each payment that is either brought in or mailed in must be manually posted to the customer's account. We have to type the account number for all payments, including online banking checks, received without the stub. ACH payments are automatically posted to the accounts. Residents also benefit because payments are withdrawn on the 11th of the month so you will not have to worry about the 10% late payment penalty nor the $50.00 shut off notice. You will still receive a copy of your bill, at the same time of the month, as you have in the past.